Reminder To Love

We all are stuck in this life’s never ending spiderweb. Going in circles and chasing tails has become a habit so interwoven in our lives that we fail to take notice.

But the beauty of it all is that- even though you are stuck, even though you feel like you are on a downward spiral(When you aren’t. There is no such thing as a downward spiral, just a pause in the ascent), here are a few things that we fail to notice, again.

  1. The sunlight through the trees is still just as beautiful.
  2. The grass is still green on both the sides.
  3. There are still at least a 100,000 books you haven’t read.
  4. The world still loves you.
  5. The universe still loves you.d.jpg
  6. You are here for a purpose, no matter how far it may seem.
  7. You are loved.
  8. You have seen the light.
  9. You will be moving on from this, soon.
  10. You have a beautiful smile and you are beautiful.
  11. There’s music in your soul.
  12. There’s coffee on your shelf

In this world, all there is – passion and love. So go, my love, passionately spread love. It’s confetti.




What to do with your travel Impulse?

Ever felt like you might suffocate if you ever stayed in your present state for even a moment extra?

I have stopped posting much because I am going through that phase every student goes through some time or the other : To listen to the worldly chatter of the mind or follow your heart’s desire? It is an excruciating impulse, to be honest.

So what to do with it? What I did with it was make peace with it and find a way to soothe it in daily life. I am going for long walks alone and that helps, really. Nothing better than fresh air to stop you from running away (from responsibility). Continue reading “What to do with your travel Impulse?”

The Grand Slam: Passion vs. Ambition

Sometimes it happens that, as life is such a confusing (but beautiful) journey, the two things that matters the most to you end up in a conflict. A conflict where you are forced to choose between the two.(Coffee or tea?)

Which one?

Ambition is a strong desire to achieve something and passion is a barely controllable feeling about what matters the most to you. Ambition leads you straight towards the ladders of success while passion leads you deep inside yourself, near and and oh yes, dear ,towards your inner spirit.

When these two collide, however, your conscious and subconscious minds go supernova. I am writing this today because I am going through the exact same adversity right at the very moment. My passion for writing for hours is taking up most of my time consequently degrading my grades. My passion for travel will require money and money will require good education and this will require good grades… huh! can’t even say that in one breath. It is, a vicious cycle!

I am pretty sure many of you who have found their passion is going through the same right now. It is very normal but it has an adverse effect on your mental health.(Ever heard of depression?)

My mentor once told me: ‘prioritize’ . That is the key to balance and subsequent success in both. But what does it even mean? Easier said than done , you may say. Precisely! How am I or you to ‘prioritize’ when all I could think of at the moment and is writing and writing and writing (Ever felt that frustration?).

Frustration builds the tracks to your destination.

But grades were a necessity and so was maintaining my passion as it fueled my spirit.

I did not opt for balance but something else entirely.

A few words on prioritizing first.

How to do this? You will find many books on how to set a timetable and a time to study and a time for hobbies and blah……

All gibberish.

The first step to prioritize begins inside. Know that passion without ambition makes you crippled and lopsided. When you realize this or make yourself aware through repeated affirmations, a will to succeed will come by default.

A ripple may not always mean something bad.

Success is not something that could be defined by looking up the word on Google. Many of the so called successful people are a wreck today. Therefore, you become the architect of your definition of success and the blueprint of how to reach that pretty destination.

Ahem! I am shifting to an extreme preach mode here. Sorry for that, bear with me for a few moments more please.

I said that it begins inside because what you believe, what your mind believes, your subconscious manifests. If you believe, you suck at math , you will. If you believe you can never write good, you never could. Because you already believe what has not even happened yet. You let the black cat cross your path and you believe you are up for a bad day. Viola! A bad day manifests itself through your thoughts (As all you see now is the negative)

Therefore , I would not call it balance. Passion and ambition cannot be balanced as the balancing scale keeps them both on two opposite side. It is your job to mix these. A powerful concoction of passion and ambition is what makes the first and foremost important ingredient of the recipe of success.

Just being one , too , is not enough. Being passionate is amazing. No side effects at all. You may as well achieve your will. But it still requires ambition:A strong will to achieve something. We often associate ambition with study or work but it is more than that. I , for an instance, am ambitious to achieve inner peace. I will do so by following my passion. A beautiful cycle, isn’t it?

Being lopsided towards ambition only, devoid of passion can have adverse effect,however. It may leave you dissatisfied all the time and also unable or more like crippled due to lack of passion-crutch , to cope with fear and failure.

Therefore, my key is mixing them up. When they clash, do not tarry. Just brew them together. Let them fill the gaps in each other.

Hence, this grand slams ends with a queer note. Ambition from the red corner and Passion from the blue corner walk towards each other, tip their hat, shake hands and bump fists. They just realized they were meant to be BFFs.

BFFs ! Yay!

I hope you did too.

I call out to the ambitious and the passionate,

Lizzie Life