2k17 – The Year Of Reconciliation

2k17 has officially hit you and me in the face. And we are glad. 2016 was a long haul and many of our definitions for last straws were tested. All I wish for 2k17 is: not me to be a billionaire or be popular. But only for me to be happy. For every bat in the belfry to fly away, away and never look back. Because we all are Orpheus taking back Eurydice.


Most of all, I wish you a bountiful package of self love that must have arrived today by overnight delivery. Just that it doesn’t work like that. I want you to radically love yourself. To love God’s gift of a body and cherish it. Be tender, please. Overnight delivery option isn’t available here. But your wish has been shipped. I can assure you that.

I wish you wisdom.

I wish Syria and Aleppo freedom.

I wish good books on your shelf and clean food in your larder.

 I wish  that the-                                            Re in frigerator

Re in bound

Re in new

May all those Re’s make for you:-


Because I know you will jump right back on the horse who has lost his way in the forest of you. So look in yourself.