Where Does Creativity come From?

One word for you, dear one ~ Courage. We will get to this later.

Some say that creativity is the hallmark of mankind. I totally agree. Look for yourself, the stamp of the universe is just somewhere below your right earlobe ~ A stamp which says in stark black, “Creativity is in your default factory settings.”

But alas, I say with a sigh, some elitist have let it be rumoured that creativity is inborn in just a handful ~ the creamy layer. However, I am lactose intolerant and hence I am officially allergic to this cream and also the butter that the elitist slather the talented few in.

Creativity, my friend, is a gift from this universe. This world is not a killer but a subduer of creativity. Just like a cartoon with hilarious ears and teeth (Too long, too big) bounces up and down on a dangling-flexible diving ledge and prepares to dive in that little cup filled with water, people are just the same. Minus the ears and the teeth though.

Creativity from a distance that high from on the ledge looks just like a tiny cup filled with water. An invitation to death if you dive ~ a gory, cheap horror movie complete with ketchup-y blood, death.  But if you are one among the minority,you jump still – just to escape that stage of fear (Teeth chattering, knees buckling et cetera, et cetera) and dive HEAD ON.

Welcome, now your cup runneth overs and you land on your butt in wonderland – down the rabbit hole of your own mind.

As for where creativity comes from ~ it comes from within. A gift from the universe, who says that you are loved and this is your gift to spread unconditional love.

Talent is not the cream or the butter ~ you got the idea.

Talent is taking the leap with your heart in your throat and eyes squeezed shut, towards a seemingly gruesome death.

Talent is doing it over and over and over ~ well until your last gasp.




The Art Of Doing Nothing

I don’t know what to do today and that makes me SO HAPPY.

Today’s To do list:-

Is it like blank, or am I hallucinating? I hope that tea is real, though.

It’s Sunday morning. But you can’t relax.

It’s the first day of vacation, but you can’t relax because you are dreading the homework that lies ahead.

You are in a café, you can’t relax. You got an appointment next week that can change your life. Or maybe a competition. Or the first step of some big like BIG project…. and unfortunately the list goes on. Just drink that darn coffee and eat that croissant. Continue reading “The Art Of Doing Nothing”

Positive Vibes Sprinkled on Donuts

I am a big positivity junkie. I preach it like I get paid for it. Hence, I have my eye out for everything that radiates positivity.

What is positivity? Positivity for me is a certain vibration I feel in the base of my gut. That feel-good thing. Like when I am walking and reflecting upon everything that has happened lately and I have the sudden urge to smile. Now that is what I call positivity.images

Positivity is everywhere around you. You just have to open your eyes. Like for an instance, today I crashed into Dunkin’ Donuts for a refuel after a long wander session in the mall and discovered, much to my delight that I was surrounded by these vibes that created the vibration in my gut in the form of quotes and self affirmation all over the wall. I relished it alongside my donut and coffee. Continue reading “Positive Vibes Sprinkled on Donuts”

No Philosophical BS : I Ran Into A Wall

High on coffee, music cranked up in headphones. Lets do this.

Story time

I was in a ghetto. Wait up, no eye roll please. So I was in a ghetto , a place where misery ran rampant and tears stained the walls – a hospital.

 My cousin had decided to break his leg at 9:30 PM just to laugh at me when I showed up in the hospital wearing a weird combination of PJ top and denim bottom (Don’t ask). So this ghetto where I stood with my jeans soaked from the monsoon rain and a fair share of anxiety, I ran into a wall. Continue reading “No Philosophical BS : I Ran Into A Wall”

Wanderlust and Cafés

People ask me , “What do you reckon your sole purpose in this life is?”fvf

I am audacious enough to reply, “ Travel and writing” Surprised that I used the word audacious for such a straight & bland answer. Nah homie! This world ain’t so straight. People gasp an’ clear their throat at this answer. I mean in what way is this answer in league with nerdy nerds saying or more like droning , “Engineer!”. Continue reading “Wanderlust and Cafés”