Relationship With the Sky

I am in a long term relationship with the sky.

All through failure, success and mediocrity (Which I absolutely hate), the sky has always been my companion. For me he, is like an anchor I hold on to , a teddy bear in the time of distress and ice cream in sadness. The sky is just so ‘there’ always and it is the same everyday and still different all through the insignificancies of life- failures, success, etc.

Just there are blue and painted with clouds that make my heart’s wings flutter with the slightest of movement as a remembrance of the exhilarating feeling of flying when it had ceased flying and fallen into a pit of self inflicted excruciation. That small flutter is just the thing which helps me to take flight again.

The blue of the sky extricates me from my blues- Oh what a paradox.

So , sky, thank you for being there always.