Life In Mumbai: Sarcastic Insider’s Secret

“California’s sunshine. Sunset in Miami. Italian landscapes, French…….. WHAT!?” , my long list of sigh worthy remarks is interrupted.
“I said open your umbrella” And before that could sink in, I am drenched. And I just can’t bring myself to say— “Monsoon In Mumbai”

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A Leather Jacket with Bullet Holes

Will you wear a dead man’s shoes? Or  sleep in his bed or eat at a table where he sat just before he died?

A friend of mine, during a casual conversation asked me something that really got me thinking, not a rare occasion, but still (Casual as in the one where words are spoken in full sentences and out loud, remember something?)

We were sitting on my couch and he just turned to me and asked absolutely out of   nowhere, snapping me out of my eternal reverie, Continue reading “A Leather Jacket with Bullet Holes”

My Travel Playlist of 7 Songs

What is travel without music. It’s like spaghetti without the sauce. Dry, nasty and actually pretty useless. Because music not only makes travel fun but brings out the sparkle in every destination…….as well as the journey.

These seven tracks are my handpicked for travel. Here we go:-cropped-tales-wandering-soul-yoga-surf-coconuts-inspiration-joy-not-knowing.jpg Continue reading “My Travel Playlist of 7 Songs”

Creative Bug In The Report Card

Creative Living, huh! Sounds like a dream to me. Doing nothing but writing stories and poetry and shower in words everyday- now that’s what I call a fantasy.

But when you are a student, like me for an instance, creative living can have serious implications for your report card. I am a straight A student, I always have been. But this year, particularly, as I am looking at myself consistently leaning towards what my heart says and away from my mind’s worldly chatter, the A’s are vanishing fast.
Last year, I discovered someone- I discovered the real me. Personality wise, I am much better, more charismatic with a glow on her skin (Result of doing something you love and adore) and more amiable. But as in one sphere my life has been uphill,  in the more logical, school centred sphere, I am Jill who went up a hill and came crashing down (Still haven’t heard from Jack though). Continue reading “Creative Bug In The Report Card”

Positive Vibes Sprinkled on Donuts

I am a big positivity junkie. I preach it like I get paid for it. Hence, I have my eye out for everything that radiates positivity.

What is positivity? Positivity for me is a certain vibration I feel in the base of my gut. That feel-good thing. Like when I am walking and reflecting upon everything that has happened lately and I have the sudden urge to smile. Now that is what I call positivity.images

Positivity is everywhere around you. You just have to open your eyes. Like for an instance, today I crashed into Dunkin’ Donuts for a refuel after a long wander session in the mall and discovered, much to my delight that I was surrounded by these vibes that created the vibration in my gut in the form of quotes and self affirmation all over the wall. I relished it alongside my donut and coffee. Continue reading “Positive Vibes Sprinkled on Donuts”

No Philosophical BS : I Ran Into A Wall

High on coffee, music cranked up in headphones. Lets do this.

Story time

I was in a ghetto. Wait up, no eye roll please. So I was in a ghetto , a place where misery ran rampant and tears stained the walls – a hospital.

 My cousin had decided to break his leg at 9:30 PM just to laugh at me when I showed up in the hospital wearing a weird combination of PJ top and denim bottom (Don’t ask). So this ghetto where I stood with my jeans soaked from the monsoon rain and a fair share of anxiety, I ran into a wall. Continue reading “No Philosophical BS : I Ran Into A Wall”

My Top 3 Contemporary Reads

Okay don’t kill me. But this list does not have even a single John Green book.

Hey everyone, this month is going to be the Literature Month. So all books, recommendations, TBRs and Reviews.

YA Contemporary is my favourite genre of all because it gives us an insight to real world and real life and real (Or sometimes unreal) girl-boy problems.

So here we go, buckle up homie.

1. I’ll Give You The Sun – Jandy Nelson

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