2k17 – The Year Of Reconciliation

2k17 has officially hit you and me in the face. And we are glad. 2016 was a long haul and many of our definitions for last straws were tested. All I wish for 2k17 is: not me to be a billionaire or be popular. But only for me to be happy. For every bat in the belfry to fly away, away and never look back. Because we all are Orpheus taking back Eurydice.


Most of all, I wish you a bountiful package of self love that must have arrived today by overnight delivery. Just that it doesn’t work like that. I want you to radically love yourself. To love God’s gift of a body and cherish it. Be tender, please. Overnight delivery option isn’t available here. But your wish has been shipped. I can assure you that.

I wish you wisdom.

I wish Syria and Aleppo freedom.

I wish good books on your shelf and clean food in your larder.

 I wish  that the-                                            Re in frigerator

Re in bound

Re in new

May all those Re’s make for you:-


Because I know you will jump right back on the horse who has lost his way in the forest of you. So look in yourself.



Where Does Creativity come From?

One word for you, dear one ~ Courage. We will get to this later.

Some say that creativity is the hallmark of mankind. I totally agree. Look for yourself, the stamp of the universe is just somewhere below your right earlobe ~ A stamp which says in stark black, “Creativity is in your default factory settings.”

But alas, I say with a sigh, some elitist have let it be rumoured that creativity is inborn in just a handful ~ the creamy layer. However, I am lactose intolerant and hence I am officially allergic to this cream and also the butter that the elitist slather the talented few in.

Creativity, my friend, is a gift from this universe. This world is not a killer but a subduer of creativity. Just like a cartoon with hilarious ears and teeth (Too long, too big) bounces up and down on a dangling-flexible diving ledge and prepares to dive in that little cup filled with water, people are just the same. Minus the ears and the teeth though.

Creativity from a distance that high from on the ledge looks just like a tiny cup filled with water. An invitation to death if you dive ~ a gory, cheap horror movie complete with ketchup-y blood, death.  But if you are one among the minority,you jump still – just to escape that stage of fear (Teeth chattering, knees buckling et cetera, et cetera) and dive HEAD ON.

Welcome, now your cup runneth overs and you land on your butt in wonderland – down the rabbit hole of your own mind.

As for where creativity comes from ~ it comes from within. A gift from the universe, who says that you are loved and this is your gift to spread unconditional love.

Talent is not the cream or the butter ~ you got the idea.

Talent is taking the leap with your heart in your throat and eyes squeezed shut, towards a seemingly gruesome death.

Talent is doing it over and over and over ~ well until your last gasp.



A Leather Jacket with Bullet Holes

Will you wear a dead man’s shoes? Or  sleep in his bed or eat at a table where he sat just before he died?

A friend of mine, during a casual conversation asked me something that really got me thinking, not a rare occasion, but still (Casual as in the one where words are spoken in full sentences and out loud, remember something?)

We were sitting on my couch and he just turned to me and asked absolutely out of   nowhere, snapping me out of my eternal reverie, Continue reading “A Leather Jacket with Bullet Holes”

Creative Bug In The Report Card

Creative Living, huh! Sounds like a dream to me. Doing nothing but writing stories and poetry and shower in words everyday- now that’s what I call a fantasy.

But when you are a student, like me for an instance, creative living can have serious implications for your report card. I am a straight A student, I always have been. But this year, particularly, as I am looking at myself consistently leaning towards what my heart says and away from my mind’s worldly chatter, the A’s are vanishing fast.
Last year, I discovered someone- I discovered the real me. Personality wise, I am much better, more charismatic with a glow on her skin (Result of doing something you love and adore) and more amiable. But as in one sphere my life has been uphill,  in the more logical, school centred sphere, I am Jill who went up a hill and came crashing down (Still haven’t heard from Jack though). Continue reading “Creative Bug In The Report Card”

Positive Vibes Sprinkled on Donuts

I am a big positivity junkie. I preach it like I get paid for it. Hence, I have my eye out for everything that radiates positivity.

What is positivity? Positivity for me is a certain vibration I feel in the base of my gut. That feel-good thing. Like when I am walking and reflecting upon everything that has happened lately and I have the sudden urge to smile. Now that is what I call positivity.images

Positivity is everywhere around you. You just have to open your eyes. Like for an instance, today I crashed into Dunkin’ Donuts for a refuel after a long wander session in the mall and discovered, much to my delight that I was surrounded by these vibes that created the vibration in my gut in the form of quotes and self affirmation all over the wall. I relished it alongside my donut and coffee. Continue reading “Positive Vibes Sprinkled on Donuts”

3 Books Every Teenager Should Read

Books are something that hold the power to change lives. Both for good and for bad.

I do not want to be that oldie who says , “Teenage years are crucial and you should do this and that and blah……………..”

No, I will not inflict upon you that torture. However these three books actually changed the kind of person I was and made me into who I am today.

Here we go, buckle up (Wink).

1. Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers – Sean Covey.

This book absolutely changed my life. No kidding there. It provides you a step by step map to reach your inner self. Every question that whirls in your mind (That is , if you are a teenager) is answered in a rather funny way that just explains it all. All full with illustrations , inspiring quotes and fun activities (My favorite is – Discover Yourself Activity), Sean takes you to a really fun journey. 7 habits

Not too long. On point and absolutely hysterical, it also contains excerpts from experiences of teenagers ’round the world for you to relate to. It is kind of a sequel to 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey, his dad.

I highly recommend this one.

2. Talk Like Ted -Carmine Gallo

Being a teenager is exceptionally hard. What with all juggling that we do between social life ,family and grades, it isn’t fair that we are also put through this slimy thing called Public Speaking.

This book provides an insight of how to write your content in a way so as not to kill the audience with boredom and also the best way to deliver it to keep them on the edge of their seats.Talk like Ted

If you struggle with public speaking, believe me, this is your Bible.

3. How we Learn -Benedict Carey

This is something that will blow your mind. Being a teenager, grades are a crucial part of our life. This books absolutely extinguishes any old thoughts you had about how we learn. Be it rote learning, sitting at the same place to study at the same time and all the other psyche facts about studying glorified in this society.How we learn

The first chapter is kinda boring. A bit technical (My opinion, you might even like it) . But it provides you the pre requisite for the coming chapters and these are really good and far from boring.

I promise you will enjoy these. Put them right on your really long TBR list. Somewhere near the top is preferable (Wink).

Good day,


Lizzie Life