My Bucket List

Hey There! This is my bucket list a.k.a .Things I want to do Before I die:-

This is the brief funny one I did as a blog post.

Buckle Up Homie!

  1. Visit every café in New York City.
  2. Jump from the the cliff- Maggia,  Switzerland………. with a bungee cord intact.
  3. Visit Italy alone and make local friends.
  4. Go hiking/camping in The Rockies and visit Lake Louise.
  5. Stay 3+ months is Paris.
  7. Bicycle diagonally across America.
  8. Go to the edge of Bermuda triangle and return after setting a foot (Or an oar) in the danger zone.
  9. Watch sunset in Miami.
  10. Visit the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza
  11. Swim and float in the dead sea.
  12. Work or volunteer for Amnesty International.
  13. Visit Anne Frank’s house (The Secret Annexe) in Amsterdam.
  14. Go to Homer, Alaska.
  15. Visit Jane Austen’s grave.
  16. Visit Transylvania in Romania
  17. Watch Macbeth in Stratford upon avon.
  18. See the Aurora Borealis.
  19. Have deep dish pizza in Chicago.
  20. Go on a road trip with hippies

Not done yet, I will keep adding.


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