Abundances- A Poem


There’s a certain beauty in
abundances, they say,
is it really so?
Yes indeed— they say it again.

I do, too, agree, that there’s a certain beauty
in abundances—but what is,
my dear friend, abundance?

There is beauty in—
the abundance of air that you gasp in
as broken breaths
when you break through the surface
of the deep, deep, never ending ocean of reason and rationality.

The abundance of love that hovers
over and around you,
from you first to
your last gasp.

Also, the abundance of hate
that you inhale
and unadulterated love
you sigh back in an exhale.

The beauty in the abundance of dancing rays
of the divine sun,
that prickle your masks but
tickle your face
from every dawn to dusk.

But most beautiful of all,
is the abundance of you,
your existence, your smile,
and your love. But mostly

So, old friend, trim the rays of the sun,
just a bit from the corner,
and swallow them whole in one gulp
let the light in….

The sunlight emanating from within
shall unleash the fairy dust from the
hands of this beautiful artist.

Because there is genius, power and magic,
in The Abundance Of You.

Because again, there is a certain beauty in abundances,
not of riches and gems,
but the abundance of you.


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