The Art Of Doing Nothing

I don’t know what to do today and that makes me SO HAPPY.

Today’s To do list:-

Is it like blank, or am I hallucinating? I hope that tea is real, though.

It’s Sunday morning. But you can’t relax.

It’s the first day of vacation, but you can’t relax because you are dreading the homework that lies ahead.

You are in a café, you can’t relax. You got an appointment next week that can change your life. Or maybe a competition. Or the first step of some big like BIG project…. and unfortunately the list goes on. Just drink that darn coffee and eat that croissant.

I just ended my examinations and what I saw made me really sympathetic about the people around me. At first, we are all hounded about how this examination is going to decide where your life heads. Then we take the exam and sometimes mess up. And then beat ourselves up for steering our life in the wrong direction. ds

Really, homie? One exam or even one year, cannot decide where you GO.  It just straight up hurts me when I see people who got better marks than me crying and mentally beating themselves up for not living up to the expectations of others.

But still there is a scope. A ray of hope- the art of doing nothing. Because at such apparently catastrophic times, all you need to do is take a break and sit back and relax. As the adage goes- When God Slams the door on your face, eat cookies and be happy (Or whatever)

You got that book on your shelf that is asking you to read it. Then there is that friend whom you could call and immediately feel better. Or maybe that packet of Oreos that you want to eat but then there is THAT DARN CALORIE COUNTER. Phew! This is honestly hideous.asss

What is the art of doing nothing?

It is an art because it comes in your default settings and you don’t need to learn it, just hone it.

Just do this or try to, at least.

Sit and look out of the window (Maybe to some beautiful mountains or concrete wastelands, your choice mate) and daydream. Daydream like you used to when you were a child.

Write a letter to yourself. I know you are not a schizo or whatever, but a letter to your deepest conscience and then write a letter back to you from in the shoes of your conscience. DO NOT let your mom catch you at this, or you will be thrown in a car and taken to a psychiatrist. Some Bloody Schizo!

Write a letter to fear, creativity and if you are spiritual, then the capital G, God.

Or just sit back and read your favourite novel and eat cookies and drink coffee. For tomorrow you may die and it won’t be very nice and pleasant if today you behave like you are dead.

All those fears, they really don’t matter. Some stupid grade does not steer you in the right or wrong direction. There is honestly, no right or wrong direction. Just direction.

And yeah, all those millionaires were C average. Yep!

So today’s task- Do no task.

Love and Wink,

From Liz.


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