A Leather Jacket with Bullet Holes

Will you wear a dead man’s shoes? Or  sleep in his bed or eat at a table where he sat just before he died?

A friend of mine, during a casual conversation asked me something that really got me thinking, not a rare occasion, but still (Casual as in the one where words are spoken in full sentences and out loud, remember something?)

We were sitting on my couch and he just turned to me and asked absolutely out of   nowhere, snapping me out of my eternal reverie,

“If someone gave you a leather jacket. A stranger, per se, and said that you could have it for free. You tried it on and it fit like a deliciously fantastical daydream and enhanced your curves and you fell in love with it, will you take it?”

Pfft! Give me one reason I will not. As long as the stranger doesn’t look (Or smell) like an ax murderer who sprang out of a Stephen King novel, or like someone who doesn’t look like he has Mission Impossible technology to clone me by my mere touch to the jacket, then why not? Well, if he has the Tom Cruise looks, then I really won’t notice if he is an ax murderer or otherwise (seriously, who in their right mind would).

Even if he is looking at me like that.

“Well”, my friend said and I held my breath because I really wanted this jacket, in my imagination or not. “What if it belonged to a dead man?”

There comes the climax, the Stephen King kind of twist (Not him again, sigh).

What do you think I said?

You are absolutely wrong, homie.

I said I would still take it, much to the relief of my imaginary self (She really wanted this jacket).

Some people might freak at the mere suggestion. My mom wouldn’t let me get on a roller coster where a guy accidentally (but gruesomely) died. Thanks Mom, not helping. But I find it extraordinarily intriguing to try such a feet.

Because after all, a dead man leaves behind a legacy of memories. And to feel those memories in the textures and the fabrics of his material legacy is something that is beyond any sense of wonder and extremely healthy for imagination.leaving-a-legacy.jpg

I also wouldn’t mind sleeping in his bed as long as the sheets and the walls are not splattered with his blood, you know, zombie attack style and as for wearing his shoes, well, who in their right mind would refuse a good pair of special edition Chuck Taylor (Hoping he is rich).

If given a choice, what would you do?

And yeah, if the jacket has knife cuts or bullet holes, I am bound to reconsider my philosophy.

Wink, wink,







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