Creative Bug In The Report Card

Creative Living, huh! Sounds like a dream to me. Doing nothing but writing stories and poetry and shower in words everyday- now that’s what I call a fantasy.

But when you are a student, like me for an instance, creative living can have serious implications for your report card. I am a straight A student, I always have been. But this year, particularly, as I am looking at myself consistently leaning towards what my heart says and away from my mind’s worldly chatter, the A’s are vanishing fast.
Last year, I discovered someone- I discovered the real me. Personality wise, I am much better, more charismatic with a glow on her skin (Result of doing something you love and adore) and more amiable. But as in one sphere my life has been uphill,  in the more logical, school centred sphere, I am Jill who went up a hill and came crashing down (Still haven’t heard from Jack though).

This discovery was illuminating. It felt great to  finally be at least a bit good (and not mediocre) at something. Now, when I said that this Jill came crashing down a hill, I meant that I don’t have all A’s but still a noticeable quantity. Some are probably hiding below the stack of all the stories I wrote this year. And if making them come back from hiding means I have to burn that stack- uh huh, not happening (sorry, mathematics)10364-4

However, right now if I compare myself to the straight A student I was last year, I see several differences.

Now, I am happier.

I am healthier and definitely fitter.

I am social (Contrasted to that introvert last year)

And I am definitely a better person.

So, what should I choose? 

It is a battle and I strive for balance. I am told to prioritise. But what does that even mean if you can’t seem to put study (schoolwork) on the what I consider important shelf? So, balance it is.

I can’t stop writing for all and for once. That will kill me. But I can’t stop studying either. So I chose routine over chaos. A routine which involves waking up early, a gratitude prayer followed by everything that’s important for mind and then everything that is needed for the heart.

So creative living beyond fear of being dragged down by expectation of the world and the people around is what I chose and I hope you will too, Jack (Or Jill 1.2)


Lizzy Life



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