Positive Vibes Sprinkled on Donuts

I am a big positivity junkie. I preach it like I get paid for it. Hence, I have my eye out for everything that radiates positivity.

What is positivity? Positivity for me is a certain vibration I feel in the base of my gut. That feel-good thing. Like when I am walking and reflecting upon everything that has happened lately and I have the sudden urge to smile. Now that is what I call positivity.images

Positivity is everywhere around you. You just have to open your eyes. Like for an instance, today I crashed into Dunkin’ Donuts for a refuel after a long wander session in the mall and discovered, much to my delight that I was surrounded by these vibes that created the vibration in my gut in the form of quotes and self affirmation all over the wall. I relished it alongside my donut and coffee.

One confession I got to make so as to not come out as a hypocrite is that I used to be a pessimistic hot mess.
That was way before I started WonderInPeace and also before I discovered my inner talent. I was greatly into body shaming and keeping that as my motivation to workout, I used to reach certain goals and still not be happy. But one day, while on a walk, I felt these vibrations in my gut for the first time and this was my metamorphosis. I also become aware of the power of ‘first times’. Everything was going for me externally but internally, there was an eternal storm blowing. I set out to change this and today I stand as a person of a magnetic charisma and a warm, amiable disposition (I asked my friend, because I am incapable of saying these things about myself).

What made this metamorphosis possible was that like you and any other, I had an inner personality waiting to come out. One which was still wrapped in a cocoon.

And today while sitting surrounded with Donuts, I avowed to help those who still suffered from what I did once through a silent prayer of gratitude. Help them through every bit of my heart.images

This inner personality that I spoke about is your core. It is you minus every prejudice you and the others hold about you, minus your self esteem and your damaging self talk. It is the real you. But she (Or he) is sleeping because you are too comfortable in your external version. In the journey of your life, be the driver and not the passenger. Take control.

One way I took control is by making a personal mission statement that reflected my inner self or core in words and reading it everyday and also by frequenting my long walks which helped me to be grateful for everything.

Remember, you are lovable because you exist in flesh and soul.

One quote that I swear by is: “Live life like the entire world is rigged in your favour”

Because, when you start believing that, the entire universe conspires to help you achieve what you want from the bottom of your heart.

If you are suffering from chronic negativity, keep fighting. One day, you will have your metamorphosis.









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