No Philosophical BS : I Ran Into A Wall

High on coffee, music cranked up in headphones. Lets do this.

Story time

I was in a ghetto. Wait up, no eye roll please. So I was in a ghetto , a place where misery ran rampant and tears stained the walls – a hospital.

 My cousin had decided to break his leg at 9:30 PM just to laugh at me when I showed up in the hospital wearing a weird combination of PJ top and denim bottom (Don’t ask). So this ghetto where I stood with my jeans soaked from the monsoon rain and a fair share of anxiety, I ran into a wall.images.jpg

This was your regular supermarket variety wall with algae and what not but what made it runworthy (If that is a word) was that it stood between a hospital and a mall. It separated misery and ecstasy. Cries of joy and cries of sorrow. On one side, the air stank of hospital stink (Death, tears, medicine and sanitizer) and the other side was deliciously full with the smell of waffles (For a person who skipped dinner for her cousin, it was one heck of a  big deal).

It made me miserable to be on this side. But doesn’t it make us all.

So you tell me, what will happen if the wall is taken down? The wall between misery and ecstasy demolished like the Berlin wall. Chaos, you may say. You are probably right. But what if instead, these polar emotions are transferred just a bit from either sides so that the ecstatic and the sullen both came down to normal.

I wish I could do something like that. But neither am I an Avenger, nor am I Dumbledore. So its a no in this case (And any other)

So what did I do? I climbed the wall (Figuratively, I am no climber. Especially with algae and stuff) to the other side and marched like a queen in a PJ/ Denim outfit and ordered a coffee at Starbucks. I mean what else was I put on this earth to do.

Maybe I wasn’t able to take down the wall. Maybe I wasn’t enough to balance out both sides. But if you will join hands with me, we both can. Not could, but can.

Because………………………. we are awesome.

I believe there are a million such walls. There is one in your heart too. Demolish it, and like the Berlin wall, it will be famous. You will be famous.Unknown.jpg

Seriously, this is no philosophical BS. If you want that, go and waltz with Voltaire.

(Ouch, the music is cranked up too high. If I ever come down with an ear disease, don’t tell my mom ’bout this.)




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