What to do with your travel Impulse?

Ever felt like you might suffocate if you ever stayed in your present state for even a moment extra?

I have stopped posting much because I am going through that phase every student goes through some time or the other : To listen to the worldly chatter of the mind or follow your heart’s desire? It is an excruciating impulse, to be honest.

So what to do with it? What I did with it was make peace with it and find a way to soothe it in daily life. I am going for long walks alone and that helps, really. Nothing better than fresh air to stop you from running away (from responsibility).

What you can do is, talk to yourself, talk yourself out of it, really. And find a passion. I have always preached this. Pursuing my passion quiets down that nagging voice and it is a win win situation as I am honing my art and controlling my impulses.Would-Your-Business-Pass-The-Passion-Test.jpg

I used to think that I am ADHD. It is true to some extent but I do not need medications. As a matter of fact, all humans are ADHD. The impulse lies in everyone but it is just stronger is few.

This one line soothes me from the excruciating impulse:

Free yourself from all expectations,

and set our for a myriad of mapless expectations.

The real life lies in making peace with this impulse. To find travel inside you. Because the will to run away comes from not finding a home inside your heart. SO before trying to control your environment, try to make peace with your heart and try to manifest every iota of what you are inside, no matter how weird (Read How I embraced It). Unknown.jpg

It is not fun to put on a show of what you are not for the sake of being accepted. Sometimes it is much more satisfying to be alone, but true to the bottom of your heart.images

Answering the question: What to do with your travel impulse?

Find Travel Inside you and travellers in people who love you.

In them too, the traveller is hiding. Just take a moment to look.


I will be posting more now. I have made my peace.


Lizzy Life


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