Travel Diaries: Cruising Through Mumbai

What better than a sunny day to set out to cruise on a bike, all the way in the city? Or so we thought before it got cloudy in a few minute. But no attachments, that still too was enjoyable. It was a lovely Sunday and I was just in the right mind to visit my favourite Starbucks branch in the city.

And that desire was how it all began. Trust me, life couldn’t get unpredictable. Or should I say weather can’t be more unpredictable. That is your choice to decide, homie because monsoon is a side effect of life as well as weather.

I give you a gallery of my bike cruising.

Mount Olympus! Or maybe not.


CAM00480Well, that was in July. The real beauty is in November – December. Mumbai also has a very vibrant night life and I will soon be posting about that too. Patience is a virtue, be virtuous (Hypocrite alert)CAM00478

CAM00484.jpgCAM00488.jpgAlso, sometime around this weekend, I will be visiting the second most prosperous city in the state (Pune) , so stay tuned also for some historical buildings.

Keep travelling, keep sipping on several cups of coffee (Wink).

Yours travelly (Curse you , autocorrect, just leave me alone)

Lizzy Life


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