Wanderlust and Cafés

People ask me , “What do you reckon your sole purpose in this life is?”fvf

I am audacious enough to reply, “ Travel and writing” Surprised that I used the word audacious for such a straight & bland answer. Nah homie! This world ain’t so straight. People gasp an’ clear their throat at this answer. I mean in what way is this answer in league with nerdy nerds saying or more like droning , “Engineer!”.

There you go. I just gave you a glimpse of what the real world thinks of us travel people and writers. Now, what is wanderlust? For me , wanderlust is life. It is what keeps me alive, just alive enough to doze off in math class while dreaming ‘bout the Bahamas. Writing on the other hand is the only reason that I wake up in the morning and if you know me personally , like if I myself have recommended myself to you (Hello there, known person), then you know that the only reason I come to school is English class. Otherwise I don’t give a damn about the other subjects.d

Wait a minute, how is this relevant to the title? My god! I am such a funny little impostor! Uh huh. Hold your judgements. First let me present you with a mathematical equation:-

Wanderlust+ Writing = Café

Next time when you get an A+ in maths, remember me.

Cafés are something that are my escape zone. What better than ending a week while sitting in a quiet nook of my favorite café (At a table for two. One for me and the other for my bag), writing away towards the horizon until an employee clears his throat loudly near my table , silently beckoning to my long empty cup and then to the door.monday8.png

If you are wondering why people like me, whose love of their life is words, choose cafés to write: First of all, the silence of the home eats away at me. And second, the inner self-demon of doubt is much, much quieter in public places. Like the guy nearby talking loudly to his colleague about sales stats and an infant cooing in the background is just enough noise to drown the wailing of ‘you are a loser’. Also, if it helps, I love the smell of freshly ground coffee.A.jpg

Café have also proven to be an escape from the painful side of wanderlust. It is just perfect, I am not at school, I am not at home, it feels like I am traveling. Or most of the time I pretend that I am. Also, most of the time or like never do I bump into people I know. So, right here I am a person I want myself to be. Ha! What fun.

All the wander freaks out there, do not tarry when your teacher catches you doodling ‘Wander life’ in your history textbook (story of my life). She does not know what those words mean to you. Also , if you are passionate about words which are not cuss words, then bros and sis’ , cafés are your safe haven and coffee (Or tea, if you prefer) is your nectar. So just get out, with your laptop or your notebook, or both and crash into a café and stay until they throw you out. And shamelessly keep going and get thrown out over and over again. That’s just life, matey

This exactly how my café table looks


Sprinkle of Love,
Lizzy Life


8 thoughts on “Wanderlust and Cafés

  1. I have to echo the other sentiments, I can relate to this. Nothing changes either, I’ve felt this way for as long as I can remember. Finding new places to explore even on my own doorstep in the UK is exciting and I love that blogging has let me find people who think and feel the same way as me! Keep doodling!

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