The Legacy Of Pokémon Go

First things first, I am very sorry for the letting the blog run dry for these many days. As a matter of fact, I was just too busy. Busy getting annoyed by running into people with their noses in their phones and screaming (Shattering my serene peace) that they had got Pikachu (Or whatever).

Seriously, this is getting exasperating. All I ever hear in buses and public places is Pokemon Go. Some stupid game with some stupid name.

The funny thing is, I was in the bus and a boy who had never even spoken a word to me suddenly asked (It was a surprise to know how his voice sounded)

“Er. Can you do me a favor? (Didn’t wait for a reply, that impolite brat) There is this rare Pokémon in the girl’s washroom of the city shopping centre.Can you fetch it for me?”

If you hadn’t guessed already, I denied straight up. Not politely or with whatever manners that you are supposed to be lathering in while apologizing (who is the impolite brat now?). And take my word, the hurt of denial on the jerk’s face was beyond entertaining.images.png

Okay, let me make this clear. I am one of those freaks who do not support any sort of technology mania. It actually gets under my skin. Before this, it was candy crush. In my country, some minister was caught playing candy crush in the parliament meeting. Guess what? I wasn’t surprised.

I have not reached The Half Blood Prince yet, but I am pretty sure Dumbledore died of grief because virtual Pokémons can’t enter Hogwarts.

I mean what is this! This ain’t a rant, it is the truth. I saw a bunch of boys huddled in a quiet corner of a quiet street, with their various noses of different shapes, in their phone. I go to Starbucks and sit down in the tranquility of the café to write. I take out my fountain pen and my diary and boom! Some Pokémon in the café. Some guy discovered it. And some girl is really angry as his scream of delight has invited the unwanted crowd in her serene corner of the café.

After the sudden demise of the game, which is inevitable, the legacy is going to be:-

1.Humans with a changed shape of spine so now they are chronically looking down.

2. Humans who are stupid. Not just regular supermarket stupid but drooling-over-a book-as-can’t -understand-a word-stupid.

3. A sudden fall in running shoes sale. (I heard that players have to walk 10 kms or something to hatch some egg) Or more like back to normal sale stats.

Phew! Look here, look into my eyes (kindly ignore the technicalities) . If ya’ a gamer, let me tell you something.

“If you are how many Pokémons you have; and if the game’s creators’ face gets eaten by a zombie and the game collapses, then who are you?”

It is okay to indulge in virtual entertainment , but there is fine line between leisure and addiction. Just don’t cross it and be well.

Also don’t think of me as a 60 year old grandma, which is to say , take no offense. Just my opinion, not a law.

Stating one positive thing— maybe humans will be fitter as a legacy of the game—walking 10 kms and what not. (wink)

Lizzy Life


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