The Beauty Of Mumbai Monsoon


June had arrived and everyone was a little too excited about the oncoming monsoon because last year it had been too meager to satisfy our appetites. We were kept in suspense till 20th of June until the clouds burst with well contended excitement at the same time when our hearts sang in elation.

When every pretty face on the magnificent streets of Mumbai looks towards the sky and smiles , mind you, there are 19.6 million faces in Mumbai (Not counting the torso less zombies, if there are any), it feels incredible! As if the city is beckoning it’s residents to arise from their ignorant slumber that has plagued them.Monsoon.jpg

This is that time of the year when the citizens popularly known as Mumbaikars forget the exotic european cuisine and american fast food, ditch Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts for good to binge on the delicious street food. Viola! Beats the michelin chefs any damn day.Mumbai22.jpg

Teenagers lurking around in pouring rain, drenched from head to toe and for once tucking away their favorite techie stuff is a sight for the sore eyes. I too must have cured someone’s eyesore before long I got sick (Staying wet for too long ain’t a good idea).

There are en-number of Americans and Europeans living in my city and they too, have fallen in love with this wet phenomenon.

It has been raining for three days non stop but I don’t mind. The spirit of the city is too alive and buzzing with the amazing multi-racial population that I can’t bring myself to hate it even when sometimes , the wetness kind of irritates. Whom am I to do that?

CST- World Heritage site

Except for the fact that I am running a fever which seems to think I am it’s soulmate  and has decided to cling onto me.

If you don’t have Mumbai on your bucket list, then homie , you are missing some seriously awesome cake. There may not be beaches like in Greece (There still are beaches) or skyscrapers like New York, but the city has a spirit which comes alive every monsoon and is probably waiting for you right now.

I love my city! Absolutely magnificent. I hope you will too.


Lizzy Life








2 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Mumbai Monsoon

  1. I love the word Mumbaikars! Sounds cute 🙂 I wil add Mumbai to my bucketlist right now because it wasn’t there. Maybe I will be lucky enough to get there one day. This was fun to read and I hope you will get healthy soon! 🙂


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