A Piano Piece Which Had Me In Tears.

I am usually this person who cranks up punk rock too loud in her headphones to drown out the wails of outer world but sometimes I cross path with such great pieces that break me down and then build me up. Like this one.

It hasn’t been like 2 days since I first stumbled upon this piece on youtube.

Just imagine me as a girl who’d had a terrible day , in search of consolation and refuge in music. At such times I usually turn to Mozart or Schubert, or Yiruma or Valentina Lisitsa , but now I was hunting for something fresh.

A piece composed by a Chinese fellow human, it had me mesmerized for the entirety of it.

If one thing you should know about me is that I am kinda ADHD(Or maybe I had gotten that confused with my overactive imagination, you never know)  and can’t listen to a song for more than a minute and a half.

But this one had got me under it’s spell. And I listened to it back to back until my battery wore off.

Please, I solemnly request you to check it out. If not in tears you might as well be healed of broken hope. It is called Endless Love

Here it is! Click it right up. You will love it.

I am linking you to the most amazingly covered -My Heart Will Go On.

Listen on full volume on your headphones/set for the chills.


Lizzy Life


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