3 Things You Probably Didn’t know About Wanderlust

(Deep , meaningful sigh) Wanderlust!

As a person who is caught up in the wonders and blunders of wanderlust, I give you the three things you probably didn’t know about your ailment (I know you are ‘cos you are reading this).sd

Here we go, buckle up homie!

Disclaimer: Any similarities with persons dead or alive is highly coincidental (WInk,Wink)

1. It is Incurable

Ah! I am pretty sure now that you are reading posts related to it, you probably know what I am talking about. If not, then let me enlighten you.

Wanderlust is something that manifests itself in the most ungodly hours like that of math lecture or a quiet afternoon watching TV. All is going good, you are watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on repeat , eating popcorn or just simply relaxing on that cozy chair (The only cosy chair) reading Pride and Prejudice until……. ZAP! You know that struck-with-lightning and going down with it feeling. Restlessness settles in. Rachel and Ross, Bennet and Darcy, don’t feel all that awesome anymore. Who wants to spend time living other people’s lives when you got your own to ponder over.Friends-tv-Show-Quotes-28.jpg

This realization leads to the next stage which proves that side effects have side effects too and these too have side effects (Move on, or your brain will fry trying to contemplate over it).

2. It is a stimulant as well as a depressant

After the lightning strike you realize that you can’t do anything with your life right now. The alternative realization is positive: You grab your bike and paddle to the nearest café or something, or just get out for a hike with a friend. Now this is a stimulant. It makes you feel good. All those endorphins (Happy Hormones) are gushing in and ya’ feel good.

Wanderlust as a stimulant makes you like BANANA!!

But this very unlikely concerning unfortunates like us, caught up in the wheels of time. When you are laden with homework and haunted with maths test that is like two week later, you don’t exactly feel like ‘grabbing your bike’. Although you do think about it. When I say ‘think’, I mean you obsess over it to a level where you cannot do anything without thinking about the great outdoors. But the wretched circumstances and the pathetic plight of a 21st century student binds you.

This is where you endorphins decide to get really angry at you and stop flowing,much less gushing.

And you eat an entire chocolate bar and wish you were in Wonka Factory.

3. It is hereditary

You think you are all special to have those impulses to wander at ungodly hours. I feel unfortunate to break it to you but you are not! It is in your blood, honey. Just take a moment to look up from your phone or laptop and you might find your Mom/Dad/Grandad/Gramma showing the same symptoms as you.wanderlust-travel-wallpaper

Do not smirk when you discover that every one of the above mentioned is in possession of saintly peace. Could be from some great great …… some ancestor.

I know for once that I got mine from my mom. Never sits down peacefully , that lady (Hey, Mom)

Just one last thing, fellow wander-mate, whatever the circumstances, channel your wanderlust for the good and just see how your life changes for the good.

Lizzy Life


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