3 Books Every Teenager Should Read

Books are something that hold the power to change lives. Both for good and for bad.

I do not want to be that oldie who says , “Teenage years are crucial and you should do this and that and blah……………..”

No, I will not inflict upon you that torture. However these three books actually changed the kind of person I was and made me into who I am today.

Here we go, buckle up (Wink).

1. Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers – Sean Covey.

This book absolutely changed my life. No kidding there. It provides you a step by step map to reach your inner self. Every question that whirls in your mind (That is , if you are a teenager) is answered in a rather funny way that just explains it all. All full with illustrations , inspiring quotes and fun activities (My favorite is – Discover Yourself Activity), Sean takes you to a really fun journey. 7 habits

Not too long. On point and absolutely hysterical, it also contains excerpts from experiences of teenagers ’round the world for you to relate to. It is kind of a sequel to 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey, his dad.

I highly recommend this one.

2. Talk Like Ted -Carmine Gallo

Being a teenager is exceptionally hard. What with all juggling that we do between social life ,family and grades, it isn’t fair that we are also put through this slimy thing called Public Speaking.

This book provides an insight of how to write your content in a way so as not to kill the audience with boredom and also the best way to deliver it to keep them on the edge of their seats.Talk like Ted

If you struggle with public speaking, believe me, this is your Bible.

3. How we Learn -Benedict Carey

This is something that will blow your mind. Being a teenager, grades are a crucial part of our life. This books absolutely extinguishes any old thoughts you had about how we learn. Be it rote learning, sitting at the same place to study at the same time and all the other psyche facts about studying glorified in this society.How we learn

The first chapter is kinda boring. A bit technical (My opinion, you might even like it) . But it provides you the pre requisite for the coming chapters and these are really good and far from boring.

I promise you will enjoy these. Put them right on your really long TBR list. Somewhere near the top is preferable (Wink).

Good day,


Lizzie Life







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