How I Embraced my Imagination

I sat gazing out the window in the raining world. From an outsider’s perspective , I was doing nothing more than stealing a few hundred glances out the window in an incessantly boring mathematics class. But what really was happening within , I will describe in a two worded phrase:-


My alternative for a light bulb. 

Ideas upon ideas hitting with a force of a storm wind, my mind reeled under the pressure to stay focused in class. But alas, I am no more than a slave of my mind. The color bomb exploded, painting all the little ideas into the color they deserved to be in. A character who must not be named came to me in full form inspired by Cos theta (Trig). Just floated right into my mind as my eyelids drooped under the pressure of looking at triangles and hypotenuses. An unlikely inspiration you may say and I do agree.

All this made me think how this (Imagination) was hampering my ideal of success in school.

But what I didn’t know was that it wasn’t hampering anything. My imagination was just trying to steer me to the road not taken , away from the crowd. Whatsoever the intention , on the surface it seemed to harm my ambition. So I started running away from it.Unknown

Believe me, it did’t work. After spending the entire year running away from imagination, my report card looked worse than it ever was. I had been blind enough to follow the crowd. But never did I know that crowd itself didn’t know where it was going. It just moved forward fearing that it would fall of the edge if it went too ahead.

That year’s only new year resolution I made (An unlikely thing for me) was to embrace my imagination.beuty

It changed my life. This one phrase – ’embrace your imagination’ steered me to where I belonged away from where my foot once seemed to have been stuck.Unknown

A bit of control here and there, at time’s of utter importance, I let my imagination run absolutely free. It painted the canvas of me as an individual with so many colors that even the macbook retina display would have had a run for it’s money.

Embracing and accepting myself for who I really was cleared the way for who I really could be. Mind you, I am not saying that there were no obstacles and downsides. The mathematics teacher asking me for the third time – Why I appeared so confused, put me into great deal of embarrassment. I wish she knew that I wasn’t confused, just intrigued by where my imagination had taken me.

From there it is all a path of hardships. But I know that it leads upwards and that treading the road not taken was a choice for me to make. And it appears I had made the choice on the very day I wrote in my History textbook in a curvy handwriting :-

“Creativity triumphs over logic.”

Lizzie Life


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