The Enemy Camp: Creativity vs. Logic

It was only today when I yelled, “ I hate him! He is a spy from the enemy camp!”

A pretty harsh thing to say, you must think. I do not blame you for judging me but hold your judgment just a while till you hear the entire story:-beuty

I was forcefully hauled in an unhealthy competition with people I hardly knew because of the nature of my grades. I sat all poised up with fake confidence as the examination papers were handed in (It was a merit exam,the shallowest thing in the history of shallow). I sat anticipating the worst but was still taken aback when the question paper was handed in. Apparently, the exam paper makers were prejudiced against the merit students to the extent that they decided to put all logic questions without any ray of hope for the only candidate with a creative aptitude.

First thought,

“Who are you kidding? No one knows how to solve these.”

The pleasant and comforting thought vanished as soon as I stole a glance around. My last hope was crestfallen when I realized I was the only one who found these questions out of place.

Skipping the part of excruciating brain torture and a prince charming style rescue by my benevolent intuition, I take you to the moment I walked out. I was fuming. This wasn’t fair. How will I ever show what I was good at?

This meant only one thing. This meant war. And I was without an army or arms.

The enemy camp was Logic. Too crowded. Hierarchy based and laced with malice. Monochrome and monotone. Devoid of music and full of what you call haughtiness.

Home camp: Creativity. Hardly a soul in sight. Bursting with colors and music. No hierarchies, all equals. But still not a single soul in sight. Most of the deserved never cross (I’ll tell you later why).

Plainly beautiful.

I sure had waged a war but I had no comrades and no supporters and there is a limit to which a person such as me could rely on colors and music.

I rested all my last hopes on my strength and the love of my life: Words.

A heavily worded letter to the principal pointing out the lack of creativity and a bias towards logic was on it’s way when it was filtered out as spam.

Who are you kidding again?

I knew I couldn’t fight this war alone.


But it made me wonder why home camp was deserted and enemy camp so crowded until I had the revelation that the wretched society’s roots of malign sprang from the enemy camp and the foliage shed it’s dead leaved in our’s. Leaf-litter of prejudice surrounded us and we swept it aside wearing safety gloves.

Alas! There was no hope and no light. I had lost. But only because the deserved had refused to enter the creative camp due to a paralyzing fear of ‘what-will-they-say. It may seem a cliché , but it was what it was.

It was the manifestation of the grand and evil plan of society to eradicate all creatives by giving them an inferiority complex.

Do not let this get to you. Embrace your creativity. It is a very very rare gift.

Lizzy Life


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