Inner Peace In The Din Of This World

The sun is going down. The sky is pink with a rosy hue and a hint of blue (hey! That rhymed). The rustle of leaves is incredibly meditative. And what are you thinking then?

“Oh! How will I ever pass in Math test? It is impossible!”

“I think he likes me. Or maybe not. There are way prettier girls in the school. Uh-uh , no chance girl.”

“Will I ever be successful?” (The billion dollar question that we queer creature have a tendency to ponder over instead of working out a plan. Why are we so weird?)

Did you just saw yourself doing that? I bet you did (Or maybe not, don’t comment that I lost the bet! ;))

The prejudiced future and the past with your wounded pride haunts your beautiful present. It seems very movie like to be experiencing the sunset for what it is, but trust me, the movies were based on characters that were human and you are allowed to relate if you’re even remotely human (wink).

I sit here , on my rooftop , with my laptop and I give you three ways to attain inner peace irrespective of your present condition. And yes, the sunset that I described (The one which rhymed) has imprinted itself in my mind as I saw it some 12 minutes ago.

Here we go, let the adventure begin!

1. Don’t bite off more than you could chew.

One day, if ever zombie apocalypse happens and you become one of them, remember my advice. DO NOT bite of my head, it is more than you could chew.

Getting back to the topic (I am so ADHD). Imagine Tom playing Tom , Jerry and also the lady (His mistress) whose head you could never see. Would you have watched it?

Your mind is a condescending know-it-all and rules over your heart (Who is the clichéd poor peasant subject). It thinks that it can do all the things known to man’s consciousness. It is basically Hermione Granger of your body system. But unlike her, it fails. It fails epically every time it takes it upon itself to be a master multitasker. But no, it is not of human nature to multitask more than a few trivial things.cropped-images.jpg

So the first step is to shush your stupid mind (No offense) and concentrate at the task at hand. If you are doing your homework , then complete it and take a bite sized time to daydream about your favorite celebrity crush later. You never know, you might even enjoy it. If you are watching the beautiful sunset , do not think about the cool hoodie you bought last week and how awesome you would look in it at school. Just take in the sunset. Absorb the rays and calm your mind. Believe me, sunset have an incredible power to sooth your pain.

For once, let your heart take over (Daydreaming about your celebrity crush is your mind’s handiwork , not your heart).

2. DON’T Think About what you could have been if……

The most fundamental habit of a human being of the good ol’ 21st century is thinking how things or circumstances could have been if not for _______(The blank is your’s to fill).

I will give you some common examples:-

“If only I was a size S…………”

“If only my grades were better…………”

“If only my teacher didn’t hate me………..”

“If only I had an iPhone………….”

“If only I had six packs…………”

I think those examples are enough to last you a century.

Moving on, living this way is not living at all. Don’t think about what you could have been and be grateful about who you are and what you have…….. (Alive and being well off enough to access the internet)

3. Don’t dwell on Your Deepest Fears.

J.K. Rowling once said, “My deepest fears were realized. I was FREE. All I had now was a beautiful daughter, a typewriter and an amazing idea.” If this legendary women had dwelled on how ungodly her circumstances were, then there would have been no Hermione Grange metaphor up there.

Your deepest fear is nothing but a distilled anticipation of embarrassment fabricated by your wretched mind. Your mind is a great storyteller (Read This ). Do not listen to it’s absurd stories. Just live on. Do not pay pay heed to what your mind says. What stories it tells you irrespective of how often and how persuasively.

Let go of the past. Stop anticipating the future.

Just live on and cling to the present.

Look out of the window for once. Maybe you are missing an amazing sunset right at the very moment.

I want that to be you

Lizzie Life


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