3 Things That Can Kill You Before You Die

A few days ago, while on a walk (With my soulmate- Music) , I saw a man who was a living example of the extraordinary ordinariness and mundanity of life if not lived to the fullest. Let us call him Bob. Slouched over by the weight of his office bag, hollow eyes, a face devoid of even the ghost of a smile and all the other characteristics of a dead person, Bob looked haunted by adversity.

Oops! Did I just say dead? Absolutely. He was so dead that the grim reaper had decided not to waste anytime on this antiquity.

It was when I knew that a person could be killed even before he actually died.

Here are the 3 things that can kill you before you die.Adventure

1. Mundanity

Life is anything but mundane. But only if you let it be that way. Mundanity and routine can suck your soul devoid of life. It is the numero uno creativity killer (That is why artists are so vibrant, even as people). It takes out the meaning of life and leaves the person living in a chasm haunted by demons of depression, anxiety and self-loathing.


You know when mundanity is your next door neighbor when you refuse to look forward to waking up tomorrow and starting the day again on a regular basis.

2. Lack of movement

Now, now , do not smirk amigo. I am not talking about how lack of ‘exercise’ can cause diabetes and obesity and how it can kill you and blah………

We are talking about being dead figuratively or this post makes no sense whatsoever.

Human beings were meant for travel and for movement which does not involves ‘home -school’ or home-work and back commute. It means manifestation of the wanderlust inside.

Just so you know.

If you remain at a place for way too long, you will dry up and so will the warmth and fire in your eyes. Travel does not mean you need to have thousands of dollars in your bank account. Just get out of your comfortable cave and explore. Take a bike and ride to the mountain and go for café hunting (I love it).

Do not forget to take you ‘Apple’ iPod (Wink)

Everyone is an inner wanderer. Admit it.

3. Lack Of passion

This is synonymous to lack of purpose. I am pretty sure that our Bob had a job he absolutely hated but did it for the sake of money. Passion gives you the tinder to ignite your inner fire. It is the beacon of light in your life at the time’s of adversity. The only thing you can call yours if you lost it all.

Don’t say you can’t find your passion (Absolutely hate it when people tell me that). Get up and go find it. Look inside you, recognize when the colors are the brightest. You get only one life, so smash it!

When the grim reaper comes to visit you when you are 99, take it upon yourself to tell him that you had a wonderful life full of colors and music. Hopefully, this will make him less grim. He might even smile for a change.

Grim reaper
Don’t forget to ask him for tea.

I call out to my fellow Life-lovers.

Lizzie Life


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