Where The Magic Happens

We all have heard the term some or the other day called ‘writing block’, especially if you are an aspiring writer. Now, if we could apply the gist of this term for other aspects like for an instance……(wait for it) ……LIFE ITSELF, then you might be put through a torturous process called ‘over -pondering. It was just today that this revelation hit me. When I say revelation, I do not mean some weirdo spoke to me through a spiritual connection or whatever. I mean that the idea surfaced right from inside me. Or more like bubbled up in the sea of boring quadratic equations (In maths class, as usual) like a beautiful mermaid.

Life block. A condition a person diagnosed with the fatal disease of ‘routine’ might be suffering from due to utter mundanity. It feels as if you are color blind. All the colors of your life are as it is but you just can’t see ’em. Why? If you may ask me, because you are not abled enough to look. Your vision is shrouded with a lethal hue of regularity. In contrary to the common belief,regular is not always good. It has the ability to kill your creativity. So I guess that ‘The Life block’ is an condition of vision impairment instead of a mental disorder.


Have you ever felt as if you are stuck in a never ending cycle of routine? Getting up everyday at the same time. Drinking coffee/tea from the same mug ,at the same time and the with same brand of croissants. Going to school/college/office from the same transport. I have been there too. Really sucks the life right out of you. It feels as if this can never end. As if the new dawn is never coming. But in reality, it seems so long because you wait for it.

“Life happens outside your comfort zone.”Jumping-off-cliff.-Life-begins-at-the-end-of-your-comfort-zone-quote

The life block hits you when you never ever leave your pretty backyard to wander in the park at ungodly hours of the day. Life block doesn’t happen to you, you inflict it upon yourself. It is the same way as adventure won’t hit you unless you stand in it’s way. Try sometimes drinking coffee in that special cup saved for occasions that has never known how coffee or tea or any drinkable beverage that is not rinsing water feels. Try walking or taking the bike to the school. You make the routine and in the same way ‘you’ can break it. Routine is parasitic (Not all , of course. Don’t tell you mum that I told you that brushing your teeth twice a day is parasitic!)It kills you in a way you don’t realize. Slowly and with judicious care so as to not go too overboard with the act that it plays. Getting-out-of-your-comfort-zone

Leave your comfort zone. Leave the horrifying couch and get out for once. Meet new people , taste new things, go new places (traveling isn’t the only way to do it. Just take a look around). This is where the magic happens.Life will start happening to you but for that ,your adventurous self, the wanderer in you first needs to start happening to the now-you.

Lizzie life


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