Why having wanderlust is not all bad?

The other day I googled the meaning of wanderlust (I google every aspect of human knowledge).

Wanderlust- a strong desire to travel.

Is it really? Just travel, it sure gave me a fit of hysteria because it just means so much more to me.

Wanderlust is what makes me daydream about climbing mountains in maths class. It is that thing which makes me check time in NYC, London, Tokyo and Moscow for no reason at all (Anyone?) and fake being on an adventure while riding a bicycle.

But just like everything else, it has an upside. Lack of motivation is something that we all suffer, especially those who are usually driven ( As they notice it as an absence of something). So I keep my bucket list at my beck and call and get ready to take over the world at all time, especially mornings. Mornings are those peak times when you can get your motivation at it’s peak without much effort. When you look at pictures of places you wanna go, when you kiss your phone in order to show affection to your wallpaper (Busted!), it indicates your strong travel spirit fighting it’s way out . Your wanderlust is an indication that you are not satisfied ( In a good way) about your current situation, your current location even. So what do we wander species do at such hard times?

Channel it? When channeled in the right direction ,wanderlust can prove handy.

Let me tell y’all how I do it.

A wallpaper related to places I wanna go to. Or maybe a thumbnail in a printed form of that beach in bora-bora  and travel books in your bags is all the drive and motivation you need. However, you also require the common sense ( which many lack, but not you , of course) to know that just dreaming about going places isn’t going to take you places. So using that wanderlust nag in the gut to drive you and knowing that doing a certain thing will take you ‘there’ directly or indirectly is the perfect reminder and also motivation in it’s purest form.

I allow my wanderlust to manifest itself in my choice for wallpapers (We will get there). It is in my choice of t-shirts, in my speech and vocab and of course in every goal I set. For example:-

“Complete this maths exercise and you will be one step closer to your dream travel job”(In a tone of self affirmation which ends with a sigh of cocktail emotions)

Lizzie life


Brings tears to my eyes , this is life goals :’)



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