Capturing Happiness In The Blink Of your Eye

Just the other day, I was riding the shotgun with my Dad. It was a long ride. The sun shone brightly.The clouds hung low.I loved the smell of the oncoming rain. The entire situation fit in somewhat an ideal way right in the box. This was the very reason it caught my attention. I have a knack for noticing inside the box things and clichéd situations and your regular supermarket deja vu without wanting to. Coming back, the sun had just somewhat dipped near the horizon and as I sat there , swaying to the music and daydreaming about a cup of coffee, it hit me.

Our eyes are open for the most of the time but are they really? In a day, that is 24hrs , do we realize how much we are missing? It was only when I switched off my iPod and ACTUALLY looked out of the windows, I saw sights that have imprinted themselves in my memory forever.

A really poor maiden , with her hairs in tangles and her clothes in tatters wore a wide smile and I swear to God, she looked better than any stick-thin supermodel in Bahamas. She galloped to the doorway of her so-called house where a toddler of around 2-3 years       (most likely to be her brother) played around and scooped him up in her arms while he squealed in delight.  As I sat in my air conditioned car and gazed at this incredible sight, I saw real happiness. It radiated with such intensity that it blinded me to all of those prejudices that I might have held against her if I hadn’t ACTUALLY looked.

A few miles ahead, I came to a freeway. Just in front of my car there happened to be a sort-of 3 wheeler tempo ( I think that is what it is called). In the open backside along with towering piles hay sat a handful of women , all cramped up but looking as if they were having the time of their life. With wind in their tightly wound and nicely oiled hairs , I came across the most amazing combination ever: SMILE AND TATTERS, because that is exactly what they were wearing and it could have given Louis Vuitton a run for his money.

I suddenly realized how a few minutes ago I had gone ballistic just because my Starbucks employee had forgotten to write ‘non-fat’ on my frappe and it made my lactose sensitive conscience go crazy ( Yeah, my daydream manifested itself into reality). All that fuss over such a little thing. I am but like you are.Vain.

If only I had that sense of happiness. If only that radiating glow  of glee on all these belonged to me somehow. If only I wasn’t so caught up in the spider -web of this world, all my legs sticking out at odd angles (Hello, spider haters). Maybe, just maybe, there was a flickering hope that I would have had the ability to CAPTURE HAPPINESS IN THE BLINK OF MY EYE.

Lizzie Life





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