Strip Yourselves from Social Masks

We live in a society so full of malice and ignorance that it is just enough boost for those people sitting on the very edge of being themselves to pay heed to their constant nagging of suicidal thoughts. But what is society? Isn’t that what we comprise together of? Then why is it so, that it’s rules and it’s prejudices about reputation governs us and not we govern it’s working?

Society is an entity. Once upon a time it sure was comprised of people who are long gone dead now and after their death; their thoughts , their beliefs and the unsaid rules of their own conscience stayed behind and fabricated the myth of society.

Let’s take the story of a boy called Eric (Fictional). Eric is a teenager. His favorite color is pink. He loves shakespeare. He also likes boy bands and yes,  he is also straight. But the fear of getting prejudiced against as being gay due to his unconventional choices makes him fake an external swagger that might not have been a part of his personality if not for the social prejudices that prey on such unconventional persons. Imagine what Eric might have been if he had not dedicated his time, his creativity and sacrificed the real boy in him for the sake of society. Now, take Eric as being really strong in character. He joins the poetry club, gets acclaimed as an amazing poet in his school and grows up to be the founding member of the next OneDirection and starts a trend of wearing  pink. The difference between this Eric and that Eric is the difference between the real you and the person you claim to the world to be. If you ask me I absolutely love the latter Eric. He is mentally strong, has a default swagger and most importantly, has embraced himself.

When you embrace yourself, accept the fact that you are a perfectly normal flawed human being, when you wear your flaws on your sleeves, you become that person that you see yourself as in your every daydream. This is the power of embracing yourself. Your every iota of potential is locked inside the real you. Don’t choose a career field because the society says its glamourous. Choose a career that you think you can excel in and I,for an instance, absolutely hate it when people tell me that they aren’t good at anything. There was a reason some idiot once said that every cloud has a silver lining ( Apart from being an idiot , of course). Talents aren’t just painting and singing and all those clichés. Talent is much more than that. You could be talented at being exceptionally nice to people. You could be talented at understanding other’s situation without ever asking them. These count as talents too! You just need guidance and prudence to know how to channel it in the right field.

Next time, when your friend retorts at you liking Schubert and Mozart, don’t take it too seriously. Laughing at yourself is an art. An art which we all could learn for the better. During such frustrating situations don’t you dare believe that you just ‘ don’t fit it’ ( Gosh! I hate that phrase). Just laugh it off and don’t straight away start planning how you are one day going to kill that person while Ave Maria played in the background. Take a deep breath. Imagine a silver thread in a dark tapestry and know that it’s you. Being different is the same as being your true self. Being different means you are strong. Embrace it. Don’t straight away shut it. The only thing that needs to be shut is society’s loud mouth. You can do that by being the best version of yourself. The one which lives in the deep corner of your heart. That you is the best you because by doing so you unlock the doors to your potential and throw the mask that society tried to give you in a dirty -stinking trench (Cheers!). I promise you will revel every moment of your life thereafter because you would have been set free from the constricting bonds of society.

That is the first step of chasing rainbows.


                                                                                                                                                        Lizzie Life

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