Your Wonderful World

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


It is a beautiful morning. The sun is shining through the clouds. The pavement is deliciously wet. Owing to yesterday’s cloudburst, this world smells like fresh earth and we all are still alive.  So congratulations , we are having an amazing Sunday.

Almost everyone has heard or hummed the melody of ‘it’s a wonderful world’ by Louis Armstrong. As a matter of fact, I am humming it myself while writing this post. But we never got the message , did we? The word wonderful is comprised of ‘wonder’ and ‘full’ , meaning that there are wonders to blow your mind and give you an innate sense of happiness , right here in this world. But we are too blind to listen to the melody that is sung out for us and bathe in light that shines , again, just for us.

So, I have taken it upon myself to shine light on those little wonders around you which are the real diamonds , full of light and glory and not mere pebbles on the asphalt as you treat them so.

Welcome to a world as seen by the version of you who has stripped himself/herself of all materialistic worries. Welcome to my world.

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