2k17 – The Year Of Reconciliation

2k17 has officially hit you and me in the face. And we are glad. 2016 was a long haul and many of our definitions for last straws were tested. All I wish for 2k17 is: not me to be a billionaire or be popular. But only for me to be happy. For every bat in the belfry to fly away, away and never look back. Because we all are Orpheus taking back Eurydice.


Most of all, I wish you a bountiful package of self love that must have arrived today by overnight delivery. Just that it doesn’t work like that. I want you to radically love yourself. To love God’s gift of a body and cherish it. Be tender, please. Overnight delivery option isn’t available here. But your wish has been shipped. I can assure you that.

I wish you wisdom.

I wish Syria and Aleppo freedom.

I wish good books on your shelf and clean food in your larder.

 I wish  that the-                                            Re in frigerator

Re in bound

Re in new

May all those Re’s make for you:-


Because I know you will jump right back on the horse who has lost his way in the forest of you. So look in yourself.


Abundances- A Poem


There’s a certain beauty in
abundances, they say,
is it really so?
Yes indeed— they say it again.

I do, too, agree, that there’s a certain beauty
in abundances—but what is,
my dear friend, abundance?

There is beauty in—
the abundance of air that you gasp in
as broken breaths
when you break through the surface
of the deep, deep, never ending ocean of reason and rationality.

The abundance of love that Continue reading “Abundances- A Poem”

Introvert – A Poem

Out of Everyone’s Box

Why is everyone devouring the neon lights?
Opening their mouths wide open
for the pink, blue and green
beams shooting through the darkness
of the club?

Oh how I wish, I wish they would
smile just a bit, if nothing,
when the white wine sunshine
trickles into the corners of their mouths
though the icy blizzards and the clouds,
washing away the stale poison
and judgments of yesternight.

The bass thumps its way into
all the chambers of my heart
and forces my heartbeat to cooperate
— again, but, too stubborn.

As I sit in the shadows,
for every offer to be a hatrack and a
shoe-sitter— I have a glittery
‘Yes’ sequined on my chest.

How do you get intoxicated on stale
air and a Continue reading “Introvert – A Poem”

Reminder To Love

We all are stuck in this life’s never ending spiderweb. Going in circles and chasing tails has become a habit so interwoven in our lives that we fail to take notice.

But the beauty of it all is that- even though you are stuck, even though you feel like you are on a downward spiral(When you aren’t. There is no such thing as a downward spiral, just a pause in the ascent), here are a few things that we fail to notice, again.

  1. The sunlight through the trees is still just as beautiful.
  2. The grass is still green on both the sides.
  3. There are still at least a 100,000 books you haven’t read.
  4. The world still loves you.
  5. The universe still loves you.d.jpg
  6. You are here for a purpose, no matter how far it may seem.
  7. You are loved.
  8. You have seen the light.
  9. You will be moving on from this, soon.
  10. You have a beautiful smile and you are beautiful.
  11. There’s music in your soul.
  12. There’s coffee on your shelf

In this world, all there is – passion and love. So go, my love, passionately spread love. It’s confetti.



Where Does Creativity come From?

One word for you, dear one ~ Courage. We will get to this later.

Some say that creativity is the hallmark of mankind. I totally agree. Look for yourself, the stamp of the universe is just somewhere below your right earlobe ~ A stamp which says in stark black, “Creativity is in your default factory settings.”

But alas, I say with a sigh, some elitist have let it be rumoured that creativity is inborn in just a handful ~ the creamy layer. However, I am lactose intolerant and hence I am officially allergic to this cream and also the butter that the elitist slather the talented few in.

Creativity, my friend, is a gift from this universe. This world is not a killer but a subduer of creativity. Just like a cartoon with hilarious ears and teeth (Too long, too big) bounces up and down on a dangling-flexible diving ledge and prepares to dive in that little cup filled with water, people are just the same. Minus the ears and the teeth though.

Creativity from a distance that high from on the ledge looks just like a tiny cup filled with water. An invitation to death if you dive ~ a gory, cheap horror movie complete with ketchup-y blood, death.  But if you are one among the minority,you jump still – just to escape that stage of fear (Teeth chattering, knees buckling et cetera, et cetera) and dive HEAD ON.

Welcome, now your cup runneth overs and you land on your butt in wonderland – down the rabbit hole of your own mind.

As for where creativity comes from ~ it comes from within. A gift from the universe, who says that you are loved and this is your gift to spread unconditional love.

Talent is not the cream or the butter ~ you got the idea.

Talent is taking the leap with your heart in your throat and eyes squeezed shut, towards a seemingly gruesome death.

Talent is doing it over and over and over ~ well until your last gasp.



The Art Of Doing Nothing

I don’t know what to do today and that makes me SO HAPPY.

Today’s To do list:-

Is it like blank, or am I hallucinating? I hope that tea is real, though.

It’s Sunday morning. But you can’t relax.

It’s the first day of vacation, but you can’t relax because you are dreading the homework that lies ahead.

You are in a café, you can’t relax. You got an appointment next week that can change your life. Or maybe a competition. Or the first step of some big like BIG project…. and unfortunately the list goes on. Just drink that darn coffee and eat that croissant. Continue reading “The Art Of Doing Nothing”

A Teen Paradoxical Freak

I’d rather that we remain two strangers who can perfectly relate and not known entities.

Unfortunately, I have met people who give the Mean Girls’ mean girls a run for their money. I was never bullied or even teased. I used to be spooked out by how people did their best to maintain a distance even when they seemed to perfectly like me.

I am and had always been a girl who had friends whom she could count on the fingers on her left hand even if her pinky and thumb were cut off. Yep.  Continue reading “A Teen Paradoxical Freak”

Life In Mumbai: Sarcastic Insider’s Secret

“California’s sunshine. Sunset in Miami. Italian landscapes, French…….. WHAT!?” , my long list of sigh worthy remarks is interrupted.
“I said open your umbrella” And before that could sink in, I am drenched. And I just can’t bring myself to say— “Monsoon In Mumbai”

Continue reading “Life In Mumbai: Sarcastic Insider’s Secret”

A Leather Jacket with Bullet Holes

Will you wear a dead man’s shoes? Or  sleep in his bed or eat at a table where he sat just before he died?

A friend of mine, during a casual conversation asked me something that really got me thinking, not a rare occasion, but still (Casual as in the one where words are spoken in full sentences and out loud, remember something?)

We were sitting on my couch and he just turned to me and asked absolutely out of   nowhere, snapping me out of my eternal reverie, Continue reading “A Leather Jacket with Bullet Holes”

My Travel Playlist of 7 Songs

What is travel without music. It’s like spaghetti without the sauce. Dry, nasty and actually pretty useless. Because music not only makes travel fun but brings out the sparkle in every destination…….as well as the journey.

These seven tracks are my handpicked for travel. Here we go:-cropped-tales-wandering-soul-yoga-surf-coconuts-inspiration-joy-not-knowing.jpg Continue reading “My Travel Playlist of 7 Songs”